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foosball table build your own He finished as much as possible and then drove us over to his friends’ house in south Hamburg. We had a fried food combo dinner and I sampled yet more varieties of beer. Most of these Germans were happy to speak English, but there was a Russian guy there, the “hausmeister” or superindendent of the apartment block, who didn’t speak a word of it and didn’t want to. Shopman’s friend Private Joker said, “Canadian!You are his enemy. He remembers the Cold War. ” But détente was reached when he poured an aperitif for the two of us and I amused him by saying almost my only Russian word, “nazdrovye”. In the evening Shopman’s friend Wolverine joined us for a “sneak preview night” at a theatre, where we knew an English movie would be played, but the audience would be clueless as to what it would be until it started. A long series of coming attractions was played, and it seemed any one of these could be the movie we would be seeing. The audience was raucously cheering, oohing and booing to express their preference. Cameron Diaz being a “Bad Teacher” got the most enthusiastic reception. Some presenters came up to the front and threw some snacks into the crowd, and then the feature film started: “The Way Back”, based on a story which I thought was true at the time, but later learned was a fabrication of some prisoners who escaped from a WWII Siberian gulag by walking south across Siberia, Mongolia and Tibet into India.

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